Business Model

Our ambition is to make environmentally friendly solar energy available to as many as possible, regardless of income level. To achieve this, the cusomers must be able to finance the purchase without any increase of the family’s total monthly expenses. Credit based sale with a 36 month payback time solves this problem. When all installments are paid, the customer will get full ownership to his Solar Home System.  For the reminding lifetime of the system, he will then have access to free electricity.


The vast majority of the people living in Africa have no access to electricity. The need for this basic product is therefore enormous. To meet this need will take years and cost billions. However, no one can help everyone, but everyone can help someone.

Rwanda has one of the fastest growing economies in Africa, and also has relatively little corruption. Along with personal relationships to the country these were the main reasons why CVS originally selected Rwanda as our first focus area. After a successful test period we are now ready to increase our activities.

Based on experiences from the test period our new series of small-scale photovoltaic units should meet the electricity needs of poor households with low income

Our Contribution

One of the best ways to contribute to a better future is, in addition to reducing harmful greenhouse emissions, to ensure children and young people the best possible education. Our Solar Home System installations provide light for homework and power for everyday tasks. In addition to light, green solar energy comes with several positive side effects, like better indoor air, less CO2 emissions and reduced deforestation. All due to reduced use of kerosene.

Environmentally friendly electricity would therefore help many families to better health, and simplify their struggle for a brighter future


More and more companies and organizations are currently incorporating a “going- green” agenda. This is more than a pretty facade, it is a process where a more balanced and comprehensive worldview, illustrated by the three P’s, people, planet and profit, is replacing the traditional profit only focus.

The companies must still earn money for further development and innovation. However, with only one planet at our disposal, it is our joint responsibility to manage this planet in a way that allows our children and grandchildren to get the safest possible future.

To reach this objective a transition to pollution-free energy sources, based on solar and wind is required. This is a global challenge, where we want to make our contribution.

User Value

More than 600 million people in sub-Saharan Africa live without access to electricity. For those people kerosene, twigs and flashlights are the only sources of light after sunset.

Millions of twig pickers contribute to deforestation, while gases from kerosene lamps are harmful to both eyes and the respiratory system. One hour of homework in front of a cheap kerosene lamp is as harmful as smoking a 20 pack of cigarettes. In addition, overturned kerosene lamps causes cause both injuries and property damage.

When an installation is finished repaid, the family will get free electricity for the remainder of the solar panel system lifetime. This will provide a significant increase in family purchasing power, to the benefit of both children and adults.

Customer Contact

All customer relations are handled by local agents well known in the local community.  The agents are responsible for marketing, sales, installation and commissioning of all Solar Home Systems in their area. In this way, the agent will establish good personal relations with all customers, allowing him to assist and advice the customer when needed.